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flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller

flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller

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Patty Robinson submitted this photo on her journey flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller after using for 8 weeks. Congrats on the success!

“I've got some pretty deep pockmarks on my face from years of dealing with acne, and I was starting to lose hope that I'd ever be able to do anything about them. That's why I decided to give flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller a try, and I'm so glad I did. The micro-needles are super small, so it doesn't hurt at all, and the serum really helps to plump up my skin and smooth out those deep marks. As for why I got these pockmarks in the first place, I think it's just genetics and hormones. I've always had really oily skin, and I was prone to breakouts when I was younger. But even though I've managed to get my acne under control, the pockmarks have remained. That's why I was so excited to try this roller and see if it could help reduce their appearance. And it definitely has! My skin looks smoother and more even, and the deep marks are definitely less noticeable.”

“I gotta say I was skeptical about the flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller at first, but man was I pleasantly surprised! I've been struggling with pockmarks from acne buildup since I was younger, and nothing seemed to work. But this roller seriously did the job. The micro-needles didn't hurt as much as I thought they would, and the collagen serum really helped plump up my skin and reduce the appearance of those pesky pockmarks. And it's so easy to use! I just rolled it over my skin a few times a week, and that's it. No complicated steps or lengthy routines. What a great product to reduce the appearance of acne scars or pockmarks.” - Braedon. Bayer

The flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller is a beauty device that employs tiny needles to puncture the skin and provide high concentrations of collagen and astaxanthin for the purpose of smoothing and enhancing the skin's plumpness. The micro-needles are carefully crafted to be delicate and unobtrusive, while the collagen and astaxanthin moisturizes and hydrates the skin, thereby addressing skin blemishes such as pockmarks and diminishing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

What is Microdart Technology?

The Microdart technology is a method that employs minuscule needles, or micro-needles, to transport active components into the skin. Usually, these micro-needles are tiny, with a length of under one millimeter, and are engineered to enter the skin's top layer, also called the stratum corneum.

This technology is employed in several skincare items such as topical applications, patches, and rollers. Once the micro-needles puncture the skin, they generate microchannels, or little paths, that enable the active substances to penetrate deeper into the skin and become more efficiently absorbed.

How Can Microdart Benefit Your Skin?

Microdart technology has multiple benefits for the skin. As the micro-needles puncture the skin, they create small channels or microchannels, through which skincare products or active components can penetrate deeper into the skin. This enhances the products' efficacy, making them more effective in resolving skin problems. Furthermore, it can trigger collagen production, which can help to enhance the skin's suppleness, minimize the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, and enhance the overall texture of the skin.

Enhance Skin Suppleness & Moisturization

The combination of microdart technology with collagen and astaxanthin is effective in attracting and preserving moisture in the skin, leading to improved hydration levels and a fuller, more youthful appearance. Furthermore, micro-needling can encourage the generation of collagen and elastin in the skin, which are two proteins that provide support and elasticity to the skin's structure.

Convenient & Effective Skincare Remedy

The flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller is a prime illustration of a hassle-free and effective skincare solution. By utilizing microdart technology, this groundbreaking roller efficiently transports collagen and astaxanthin deep into the skin. Its straightforward yet ingenious construction makes it user-friendly and can be effortlessly integrated into any skincare regimen. With its effective delivery system, active components are efficiently absorbed, making it an ideal solution for individuals seeking to enhance the health and appearance of their skin.

What Makes The flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Deliver the powerful effect of tightening & lifting your skin

Generates an instant visual facelift effect

Helps you to have bright, lifted, & youthful-looking skin

Helps to reinforce & firm the appearance of the skin on the face

Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive or reactive skin

Reduces lines & wrinkles & boost firmness & softness

Helps you relieve tension, sculpt your face & increase circulation

Here are some of our happy customers:

“Having this dark color scar marks on my face was really stressing me out. These scars have been bothering me for long time especially they can't be covered flawlessly by makeup. My friend recommended this flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller and tried it immediately. I was attracted to the roller because of its microdart technology, which are known for their ability to improve the appearance of scars. After using it for a few weeks, I've noticed a significant improvement in the color and texture of my scars. They are much less noticeable and my skin feels smoother and more hydrated overall. I'm so glad I found this product!” - Dana Smith

“I recently used the flysmus™ BoLiftox PockmarksTreat Collagen Astaxanthin Roller to reduce deep marks on my face caused by a skin infection I had a few months ago. The infection left behind some stubborn marks that made me feel self-conscious, and I was looking for a solution that could help reduce their appearance. After doing some research, I decided to try this roller and I was pleasantly surprised by how gentle the micro-needles were and how effective the serum was in plumping up my skin. Over time, I noticed a real improvement in the appearance of the marks, and I feel much more confident in my skin now. I would highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with stubborn marks or scarring from a skin infection.” - Karol Nieves

Usage Directions

1. Clean & dry your face thoroughly.

2. Pour the collagen serum into the microdart roller container and shake gently.

3. Roller down, bottle up, evenly rolling on the skin surface, microneedle on the whole face, 15-20 minutes each time.


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